Implementing Monero Atomic Swaps in ASMR

We announced ASMR, our proof of concept implementation of a new atomic swap protocol, weeks ago. At the time, we only had support for Meros, yet planned Nano and Monero. Yesterday, we posted we had completed support for Nano. Today, we’re happy to announce we have completed the trio, and finally added support for Monero!

Our Lead Developer, Luke Parker (Kayaba), actually completed the first XMR atomic swap on August 29th. That said, while the success path of the swap worked, atomic swaps are known as atomic because they’re guaranteed to work. If you can’t get the funds you want, you get your funds back. In order to get your funds back when an error occurs, alternate paths exist. These were still in progress at the time.

All of the Monero code is completed now, and it has been fully merged in to the master branch of our repository. Anyone can download it, build it, and try it out. There’s no need to download a separate codebase or any qualifications on what parts of ASMR works/doesn’t work with Monero.

Monero holds a very special place in ASMR. If it wasn’t for this new atomic swap protocol, which was developed for Monero, none of this would be possible. It’s why we’re so excited to be able to contribute back to such a great project, which we hope to work together with much more with in the future.

If you’re interested in checking ASMR out, you can view it on GitHub. We welcome all feedback and discussion, which occurs on the Meros Discord, as Meros hosts the project. We invite everyone interested to join and participate in our work on enabling the overall cryptocurrency space!